Bhandara Police Branches


Branch Name - Local Crime Branch
Local Crime Branch is special Branch created for detecting serious offences & to prevent and detect crime. The branch also keeps the record of criminals, collect the criminal intelligence & arrest the wanted and absconded criminals.

The main functions of this branch to detect and prevent crime, to visit the scene of crimes and assist local police stations in the investigation, service of Summons & warrants, to give suggestion about offences & to provide the list of criminals.

This branch includes various cells like MOB, Economic Offences Unit, Cyber Crime, Computer Wing, Photography section, Finger Print Bureau { R.Q.W.STN. } , Police chief operator { PCO} etc.


MOB`s full form is Modus Operandi Bureau. The main function of MOB is to keep record of criminals, to create History Sheets of known Criminals and Gangsters, to take record criminals.

•Economic Offences Unit

In this cell including the offences about economic crime such as Cheating, Forgery, cases of Fake Indian Currency Notes etc.

•Photography Section

The main function of photography section is to take picture of scene of offences, to lift chance found at scene of offences, to take chance prints of arrested criminals, unidentified dead bodies etc, & to pictures of arrested criminals, to pictures Law & Order situations to provided evidence , to pictures important events, functions, and welfare activities.

•Police Chief Operator{ PCO }

All P.S. in district send search slip of accused to L.C.B. Those search slip are then send to RQWS

A police chief operator daily goes to the jail & prepares a record slip of convicted persons & sends it to the RQWS. Because of such updated record of convicted criminals we can find their information easily. Record slip is very useful in search of absconder.


Officer Shri Suresh T Ghusar
Contact no. 07184-254702
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